As part of our decentralization efforts, we are excited to announce that 100% of our PancakeSwap Liquidity and LP Tokens are locked until 1 January 2024.

Our locking partner is DxLock and details can be found here.
The transaction can be seen and verified from this link.

DxLock is a trustworthy locking partner.

This means nobody, including owners, can withdraw the initial liquidity anymore. In other words, from now on, Rug-pool is impossible.

We are happy to get rid of an important responsibility off our shoulders.

Nobody can touch our liquidity and that move is a huge boost towards the credibility of our project.

We will be renewing the lock after the expiry.

If you like what you see and appreciate the value of locked LP, you can swap your BNBs for DPZ easily. Find out how.



We have an important update prior to listing.

100 m additional $DPZs are transferred and locked in TurboWallet.

This is to ensure the sustainability of the TurboWallet and also reduce team control over the project and ensure the safety and trust of the pricing mechanisms.

As it stands, after the listing, the estimated holder/control structure will be as follows.

  • ~ appx 625 m, Crowding Pool
  • ~ appx 125 m internal burn (Total Supply will reduce to 875m from 1b)
  • ~ appx 200m TurboWallet Financing
  • ~ appx 50m in circulation including PancakeSwap LP and TurboWallet Stake

You can easily verify the holder structure by checking out here.

In terms of price potential, it is very exciting to see that our biggest unstaked holder holds only 250k DPZs which is 0.025 per cent of the total supply and 5% of the total expected circulation.



We are happy to inform you that we have added 720 days option to the TurboWallet.

Also, the 90 Day option is phased out from the dApp although sophisticated users can still use it through blockchain calls.

The current APY for the 2-year option is 633%, consistent with our current staking structure.

Please note that ICO Bonus will be 0 after PancakeSwapListing. Also, the Long Term Bonus and Base Reward will be halved.

Thanks for your contribution.
Keep calm and stake.



As it is announced earlier, we decided to end the holder appreciation competition on 22 January 2022 23:59:59 UTC.

The main reason for the change was to prevent our holders from spending more and more on BNB in times of turmoil. We apologize for the inconvenience but gave enough notice time.

The event was a success and reached the goal.

88,262 DPZ distributed amongst 138 eligible participants.

Top 5 Winners:

Thanks for your efforts and support.

Final results
Airdrop Link



Airdrop is completed as promised. 1529 Turbowallet users received 50 $DPZ each.


That is not the end.

Transfer as much as you send to new accounts.
You will get compensated for the gas fees, 3 $DPZ per transfer.
Also, you will be eligible to win the grand prize.

The minimum DPZ to send per transfer is 0.1 $DPZ.
Using ‘’ or other airdrop applications are not permitted and won’t be counted.
3- Maximum gas compensation per account is 600 $DPZ.
4- All transfers should originate from the wallet account that received the airdrop.
5- All receivers must be unique accounts, sending 0.1 $DPZs to the same wallet account will be counted as 1.
6- To be eligible for the gas fee compensation, the total number of eligible transfers should be at least 20.