Have your Say! DeepMaze Governance Survey is on.

Nick Badger
1 min readFeb 19, 2022

Decentralization update is ahead!

Only one week left…

After the update, developers won’t be controlling any supply. Therefore, developers want to ask our stakeholders some important questions before going ahead with the update.

After the update:
- Developers won’t be controlling any supply.
- Ownership will be transferred to 0x0.
- Nobody will have the right to change parameters such as liquidity fee.

Since this is a governance survey, we need you to disclose some wallet account number information to figure out your voting rights.

Each submission will be checked and results will be weighted in proportion to holdings.

Voting weight and rights are defined as follows:

- All respondents need to disclose their TurboWallet and Unstaked DPZ’s.
- Each DPZ vote counts as 1.
- Each TurboWallet staked DPZ vote counts as 2.
- Duplicate submission will be counted only once.

Results will be published on 25 Feb 2021, 1 Day Before the update.

You can reach the survey from this link