Burns🔥 and Circulating Supply

Nick Badger
3 min readFeb 8, 2022

We have just completed the technical integration with CMC. From now on you track live circulating supply from CMC, including burns and crowding pool distributions. Breakdown of the burn figures is added into our website, for your convenience.

Burn baby burn!

Circulating Supply

We though long and hard about what constitutes circulating supply in our project. From now on, Circulating Supply for DeepMaze will be defined as $DPZs immediately available to sell.


Circulating Supply as at 7 Feb 2022:
Initial Supply: 1,000,000,000
Less Initial Burn: -128,080,129
Less Crowding Pool: -628,080,125
Less Transactional Burn:-1,057,065
Less TurboWallet Balance:-222,915,756
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
Final Circulating Supply: 19,866,920

This gives us a very small circulating market cap, but this doesn’t represent the true value of DeepMaze since this figure is only representative of the value of DPZ’s immediately available for sell.

We estimate 50% of the circulating supply is inactive(sleeping with the fishes) or served as LP in PancakeSwap which leaves only unstaked 10m $DPZs.

How crazy is this? 10m out of 1b?


Lets dig the burn figure deeper.
DeepMaze implements two different kind of burns.

Internal Burns:
128 m $DPZ
burned immediately after the presale, as pre-coded.

It can be seen from our Bscscan profile and provable by calling totalSupply() function from our contract.

Notice change from 1b to 871m. This will stay 871m forever.

Transactional Burns:

Since the PancakeSwap launch, approximately 5m $DPZs are transacted and as a result, 1m $DPZs are already burned. Burned $DPZs represents the tokens accumulating in the contract after they are collected in each transaction. Nobody including owners (before and after decentralisation update) has rights to withdraw that DPZs and they will be trapped in the contract, forever. This is how transactional burns are accounted in DeepMaze.

You can verify this figure via calling getAccumulatedLiquidtyPool() function in our contract.

Don’t forget to divide this wei to 10¹⁸ which is 1,061,865

In addition, we are now serving the burn statistics in our website. Please check the panel to see circulating supply and total burns up-to-date.

If you like what you see and appreciate the value of scarcity, you can swap your BNBs for DPZ easily. Find out how.