TurboWallet Top-Up and Burns

Nick Badger
Jan 30, 2022

We have an important update prior to listing.

100 m additional $DPZs are transferred and locked in TurboWallet.

This is to ensure the sustainability of the TurboWallet and also reduce team control over the project and ensure the safety and trust of the pricing mechanisms.

As it stands, after the listing, the estimated holder/control structure will be as follows.

  • ~ appx 625 m, Crowding Pool
  • ~ appx 125 m internal burn (Total Supply will reduce to 875m from 1b)
  • ~ appx 200m TurboWallet Financing
  • ~ appx 50m in circulation including PancakeSwap LP and TurboWallet Stake

You can easily verify the holder structure by checking out here.

In terms of price potential, it is very exciting to see that our biggest unstaked holder holds only 250k DPZs which is 0.025 per cent of the total supply and 5% of the total expected circulation.