Turbowallet by DEEPMAZE

Nick Badger
5 min readDec 29, 2021

We are excited to announce a long-awaited new feature.

Introducing Turbowallet by DEEPMAZE

DEEPMAZE:DPZ is an auto-staking token and powered by reflections financed by an internal crowding pool. In addition to that, we wanted to add active staking optionality to reward our holders.

Therefore, we decided to create Turbowallet.

We initially planned to add Turbowallet close to June-2022 however, due to market sentiment, we strongly believe our holders can benefit from it, at the moment. That is why, we worked hard to finish it before the end of the initial sale.

What is Turbowallet?

Turbowallet enables holders to enjoy active staking. Turbowallet locks your DPZs for a period of time and achieves superior and well defined APY.

Turbowallet users receive long term rewards based on the maturity, base reward and initial sale participation bonus meanwhile passive auto-staking will be the same for all holders.

How Turbowallet Works?

Turbowallet is easy to use. Follow the 7 simple steps:

Navigate to turbowallet.deepmaze.finance

1- Buy DPZ
Buy at least 1,000 DPZs and make sure it is accessible from metamask or your choice of wallet provider.

2- Connect to Turbowallet
Connect the wallet account to the Turbowallet dApp by pressing “Connect Wallet”
Make sure to use the wallet account that has DPZs.

3- Select the maturity
Select a maturity to stake. We offer 90 day, 180 day, 270 day and 360 days options.
Don’t forget rewards are much higher for long-term maturities.

4- Approve
The approval stage allows the Turbowallet smart contract to spend your DPZs.
It is a common security precaution in blockchain-based technologies.

5- Stake
Stake your DPZs by transferring them into our smart contract. Only pressing “Stake” is enough.
Please don’t transfer manually. There is no way of recourse and you won’t receive a reward for doing so.

6- Hodl & Wait
Wait for your stake to expire. Check your Turbowallet summary time to time to see how your rewards accumulate.

7- Withdraw
When your stake expires, you are free to withdraw your returns.
Withdraw” button will get activated when the time comes.

Who Can Use Turbowallet?

Any DPZ holder can use Turbowallet subject to the following conditions.

1- You need to have at least 1,000 DPZs in your wallet account.
2- At the time of staking, Turbowallet DPZ balance must have enough DPZs to finance your stake.

Turbowallet has a provision pool financed by the initial 100M DPZ transfer and after the pool is depleted, it won’t accept new users. That is why being early is important. Also, returns accumulate as soon as you stake including the initial sale period.

What Finances the APY?

This will be technical.

Before starting, I need to remind the original tokenomics that is published in the whitepaper.

We decided to allocate 100M of Initial Liquidy Reserves for Turbowallet usage. Therefore we will only have 100M initial liquidity, which is more than enough given the current sales outlook.

The remaining 100M DPZs will be distributed to Turbowallet users. The distributions will also be financed by passive reflection-based staking that the initial 100M DPZ receives. Therefore, it is expected to last for a long time.

What Guarantees the APY?

The provision for the returns is made as soon as the staking event triggers. After the initial provision is allocated, there is no way to withdraw that so the returns are guaranteed even before your stake is accepted. 100M DPZ also guarantees long term sustainability since it will receive passive rewards from auto-staking.

What is the APY structure?

As you can see, we offer very generous APY for all initial sale participants. Also, rewards increase as maturity goes further.

What are the quirks and features of the Turbowallet?

There are a few things to consider before using Turbowallet.

1- One wallet account can only use Turbowallet once.
2- All the balance in the connected wallet account has to be staked.
3- You can’t stake more than 1m DPZ at once.

When Turbowallet will go live and gets activated?

2 January 2022 19:00 UTC.
DPZ Transfers will open at that time as well.

Turbowallet is revolutionary and we believe in its added value. That is why, the transfers will be enabled as soon as Turbowallet gets activated.

Is Turbowallet Safe?

We took enough precautions to make the smart contract safe, but as always, use it at your own risk.

What Happens if you don’t serve the dapp anymore due to some technical reasons? How can I withdraw my DPZs?

This is highly unlikely however, Turbowallet is decentralized and lives in the Binance Smart Chain.

Use the following link to access the contract functionality:

You can connect your wallet to bscscan.com.

Make sure to use the wallet account that you used for staking.

Afterwards if you think your stake is expired, just press the following button to call the withdrawal function:

What is the benefit of using Turbowallet during the initial sale phase?

We offer a generous initial sale participant bonus.
Everyone who uses Turbowallet during the initial sale is eligible for the bonus.

I can’t stake using Turbowallet, what is wrong?

Always check the following stats while using Turbowallet.

If there are no free DPZ left in the contract, it means all the balance is allocated and you need to wait for Turbowallet to generate some funding before making a provision for you.

That is why early staking is advantageous, as well.

For further inquiries , please contact dev@deepmaze.finance.