PancakeSwap Listing and Turbulence

Nick Badger
2 min readFeb 1, 2022

First of all, we would like to thank our stakeholders for their patience.

Some news:
-Websites are updated.
-128 m DPZ burned
-128 m DPZ added to Crowding Pool
-Crowding Pool distributions and Liquidity Fee is activated.

The listing process was nerve-breaking. However, it is not something unheard of or unexpected. Nothing is changed and we are committed to our plans.

As we mentioned before:
There ain’t no such thing as free lunch

The reason why you are seeing mostly sell orders is some holders decided to take quick profits but since market sentiment is not in our favour, we didn’t do much advertising in the listing process, so free lunchers entered into a selling war to decrease the value of their product despite our efforts.

However, that is expected. Listing time is usually volatile, one way or another. We are hearing too many rude comments on our social media channels. This is what happens when the price falls. (even sometimes 5x-10x is not enough) Basically, long term holders and stakers are generating value through taxes paid by scaremongers and so-called quick-profit takers. 1–2 days of price history is nothing, from our point of view.

I just want our long term holders to keep calm.

  • Our technology is working as expected, with no hacks, no buts and ifs.
  • We are legitimized by so many third parties.
  • We are following our roadmap step-by-step.
  • We didn’t guarantee 2x or 100x to anybody. Nobody can do that. $DPZ is traded at free markets and price is set by supply and demand. We only controlled the initial listing price.

There were too many questions around listing time:

As we mentioned earlier, we used a random listing time. Otherwise price effects might have been worse due to stakeholders trying to sell constantly without checking their combined impact on the price. This was announced prior and people are complaining about this because they couldn't sell before others. We don’t care much about that.

We will be taking a quick break and decentralisation upgrade works will commence. There will be more updates at the end of this month.

We invite you to stay calm and follow the project.
This is not a quick-profit taking scheme, it is a journey.

Tip For The Day: It is really hard to make money if you fud your own holdings.

Tip For The Day 2: Just because the price dropped doesn’t mean we are not legitimate.