New Year Raffle

Nick Badger
2 min readDec 10, 2021


Tis’ the Season! DeepMaze New Year Raffle is here!

In order to celebrate 2022 and give back to our community, we are hosting a New Year’s Raffle 😊 🎁

The prizes are grand! Check out the prize pool:

💥 5X iPhone 13 Pro Max!
💥 5X iPhone 13!
💥 10X Ledger Nano S Cold Wallet!
💥 10X Bonus 10.000 $DPZ Tokens!
💥 20X Bonus 5.000 $DPZ Tokens!
💥 50X Bonus 2.000 $DPZ Tokens!

How To Participate

It is simple.

Go to initial sale dApp and swap your $BNB’s for $DPZ

25% discount still continues!

Every 1000 $DPZ is worth 1 Raffle Ticket. More $DPZ you buy, the higher chance you get in winning prizes!

The Raffle will end on January 1st, 2022 24:00 UTC. The winners will be randomly selected via a blockchain lottery system, and the winning wallets will be announced on the website.

Terms and Conditions

  • Only purchases starting from BSC Block Number 13218792 and onward will be eligible for the raffle — Start date: 05 December 2021 15:04:00 UTC are eligible to join the raffle.
  • In order to simplify global prize deliveries, All prizes will be paid in $DPZ Tokens to directly to the participating Wallet account.
  • For iPhone prizes, USD market value of the prize will be obtained from and converted into DPZs at the end of the raffle.
  • For Nano Ledger prizes, USD market value of the prize will be obtained from and converted into DPZs at the end of the raffle.
  • In case of multiple purchases from the same wallet account, the total DPZs purchased by the same account will be consolidated and considered as a single entry.
  • Ie if same Wallet account purchased 500 DPZs and 900 DPZs and 900 DPZs in three seperate occasions, the wallet account will be eligible to get 2 entry tickets.
  • Each 1000 DPZ represents 1 ticket. The remainder will be rounded down. Ie if you purchased 1689 DPZs you will be eligible to join with 1 ticket.
  • Raffle ends at the first BSC block preceding January 1st, 2022 23:59 UTC.
  • The selection process is blockchain based and will be recorded and published to provide transparency.
  • All prizes will be distributed in 5 working days after the end of the lottery to the participating and winning wallets automatically.
    There is no need to contact us for succession.
  • Winners will be announced in when the time comes.



Nick Badger

Chief Blockchain Officer — DeepMaze Foundation