DeepMaze Completes Decentralisation Update

Nick Badger
2 min readFeb 26, 2022

Hi DeepMazers,

We came a long way despite volatility. We are still here and working on our project. The decentralisation update is completed as promised. In this post, we would like to announce the start of development works a new feature.

The poll is finalized. Approximately 5m DPZ(740 holders) responded to our poll. Results are overwhelmingly positive and the community allowed us to use 2m DPZ from the TurboWallet pool. We appreciate your support and we will work hard to reach our goals.

Breaking Changes:

1- Liquidity Fee set to 5% until the end of the time. — Proof
2- Contract ownership renounced to 0x0 irreversibly — Proof

3- 2m DPZ withdrawn from TurboWallet Pool. — Proof
4- 1m DPZ out of 2m staked for 180 days for future use — Proof
5- Remaining 1m DPZ staked for 90 days for future use — Proof
6- 100% Liquidity Lock — Proof
7- Project Rigoletto Announcement

What does this mean for the project?

With this update, owners of the contract lose their privileges and DeepMaze Finance becomes truly community-owned.

After this point;

  • Nobody can change the liquidity fee
  • Nobody can change other critical dynamics in the contract.
  • Developers become holders.
  • DeepMaze is truly community-owned.
  • Funds are locked.

Project Rigoletto

Due to market volatility, price action is depressing. However, we want to add more intellectual property and assets into our project, in the meantime. That is how successful projects grew. Just check OpenSeas GitHub repo . First commits coincide with the great bear market of 2018.

We expect the details will be more vivid at the end of March 2022. It will be a guessing platform where users bet for outcomes of future financial events using $DPZs. Details are rudimentary but it will be something like “the closest guess will take some portion of the proceeds and the remaining pot will be burned”. No share will be allocated to developers here, all proceeds will burn or be rewarded to the winner.

The name and details will be announced soon.