DeepMaze — CBO Letter #2

Nick Badger
4 min readJan 3, 2022

It has been a while since the last letter, but we have been busy as hell. Sometimes, it might be a good approach to take snapshots apart from each other to see what has been achieved. Crystal Clear.

First, negatives, to take the burden off our shoulders;

1- Market Sentiment — Market sentiment didn’t work in our favour. 15% sell-off in major cryptos triggered risk-off mode in all stakeholders. This has been obvious in many metrics we are watching.

2- China — China marketing push didn’t work as expected. The Chinese market is known to be “hard to crack” for crypto-mortals. We picked the best partners we can find, however, their impact was less than satisfactory. It was a well-defined unlimited upside — limited downside bet for us that we had to wager.

3- Marketing Spend — Due to poor market sentiment, we decreased the marketing spend since the return on investment got weaker day by day. On the flip side, we accumulated enough holders to make a good start.

Positives are much more solid and exciting to announce;

1- Audit Report We delivered the audit report 3 months ahead of schedule. The audit report was one of the cleanest reports we have ever seen. All the issues in Safemoon clones weren’t present. The only disclaimers were around owner privileges but that will be solved when we denounce the ownership. The issues we solved is rather technical and deserves a separate post.

2- Coinmarketcap Listing — Coinmarketcap acts as a floodgate for the crypto-community and it is the ultimate legitimiser. They are known to follow “reject first — listen later” principle and you can see a lot of rejected project founders crying on social platforms. Luckily, we are not one of them.

3- Binance Tracking — Binance now tracks Deepmaze and generated a separate page for us. This doesn't mean they will list us but it increases our engagement, for sure.

4- Team Information — We started to share the team information with our curious stakeholders. We don’t want to make the team a hot selling point, since all participants have to be absolutely aware that they are not staking in the team. Although Deepmaze is created by us, it will be a community token after the denouncement and stakeholders have to invest in its blockchain-based contract which is much more transparent and trustworthy.

5- Bscscan Partnership — Bscscan is a place to be for almost all upcoming projects. After the major blow-off from Squid Game token, they have been much more careful about KYC for their sponsors. We successfully passed their all requirements. I dare anybody to try if they have any doubts about how hard being sponsored by Bscscan.

6- Raffle We used for the new year raffle aiming to increase awareness. We successfully integrated blockchain transactions to entrants and thanks to’s intuitive but traditional frontend, we delivered a very clear fairness message. Usually, it takes more than a promise to convince entrants however, with — blockchain integration, all stakeholders had a very pleasant experience. Congratulations to all winners.

7-Copycats — We started to spot copycats claiming to possess “Worlds first Crowding Pool based X project”. That is great news for our community since copycats increase the value of the original. Just think of how many clones Safemoon has. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. However, be careful of exact clones and always check the domain( while you are swapping.

8-Transfers —We opened the transfer for all holders. This gives us more flexibility in terms of CEX integration. Due to holder consolidation from Turbowallet, our holder numbers are in a temporary decrease. We urge you to transfer 1–2 DPZs to another wallet before using Turbowallet to mitigate that. That is not the end of the world though however individual efforts are highly appreciated.

9- Turbowallet Last but not least, we announced Turbowallet 6 months ahead of the schedule. It is announced early to offset the poor market sentiment and give our holders a chance to actively benefit from their holdings. With Turbowallet, we know who we are walking with and who we should work for.

A crucially important note:
We know a lot of participants are hesitant to use Turbowallet because they fear early dumping by short term holders who are planning to sell after the listing and make a pitiful 2x.

We will use every trick in our sleeves to make sure this doesn't happen. We have a lot of powerful measures in our control and we will make sure to use them for our long term stakeholders. I don’t want to disclose explicitly but just to give a hint, we can restrict initial liquidity to make sure early dumpers get less than what they think. Or we can implement high liquidity fees at the start to discourage sellers.

We urge you to walk with us, you won’t regret it!

DeepMaze is for the community by the community.
We don’t need FOLLOWERS. We need BELIEVERS.

Thanks for your trust,
Chief Blockchain Officer