Deepmaze Announces Airdrop For Turbowallet Users

Nick Badger
Jan 16, 2022

Airdrop is completed as promised. 1529 Turbowallet users received 50 $DPZ each.


That is not the end.

Transfer as much as you send to new accounts.
You will get compensated for the gas fees, 3 $DPZ per transfer.
Also, you will be eligible to win the grand prize.

The minimum DPZ to send per transfer is 0.1 $DPZ.
Using ‘’ or other airdrop applications are not permitted and won’t be counted.
3- Maximum gas compensation per account is 600 $DPZ.
4- All transfers should originate from the wallet account that received the airdrop.
5- All receivers must be unique accounts, sending 0.1 $DPZs to the same wallet account will be counted as 1.
6- To be eligible for the gas fee compensation, the total number of eligible transfers should be at least 20.