DeepMaze Announces 💯 percent Liquidity Lock🔒

Nick Badger
Feb 9, 2022

As part of our decentralization efforts, we are excited to announce that 100% of our PancakeSwap Liquidity and LP Tokens are locked until 1 January 2024.

Our locking partner is DxLock and details can be found here.
The transaction can be seen and verified from this link.

DxLock is a trustworthy locking partner.

This means nobody, including owners, can withdraw the initial liquidity anymore. In other words, from now on, Rug-pool is impossible.

We are happy to get rid of an important responsibility off our shoulders.

Nobody can touch our liquidity and that move is a huge boost towards the credibility of our project.

We will be renewing the lock after the expiry.

If you like what you see and appreciate the value of locked LP, you can swap your BNBs for DPZ easily. Find out how.